Pirelli extends Formula 1 partnership until 2027

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In a significant move for the world of motorsports, Pirelli, the iconic Italian tire manufacturer, has reaffirmed its role as the Global Tyre Partner for Formula 1, securing its place at the pinnacle of motorsport until at least 2027. This extension, agreed upon by Formula 1 and the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), also offers the possibility of an additional season, demonstrating Pirelli’s enduring dedication to the sport.

Photo credit: Pirelli

This partnership will not only supply high-performance tires for Formula 1 but will also cover the Formula 2 & Formula 3 championships. Pirelli has a longstanding commitment to Formula 1 that will last 18 years at the end this contract. This shows the brand’s ability to adapt to the technical challenges of the prestigious racing championship.

Since its debut in 2011, Pirelli has consistently risen to the occasion, evolving its tyre technology to match the ever-advancing Formula 1 landscape. From the era of 13-inch high-degradation tires to the introduction of hybrid power units in 2014, the transition to wider tires in 2017, and the current 18-inch size adopted in 2022, Pirelli has maintained its reputation for delivering reliable performance across diverse surfaces and weather conditions.

Beyond the race track, Pirelli utilizes its involvement in F1 as an opportunity for innovation and experimentation with cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence. This drive for innovation not only enhances racing performance but also facilitates technology transfer to everyday road tires, benefitting consumers worldwide.

Pirelli’s role extends beyond being Formula 1’s tire supplier; it actively promotes the sport globally through various initiatives both on and off the track. One notable endeavor involves nurturing the next generation of young drivers in feeder series such as Formula 2 and Formula 3, ensuring a steady stream of talent for the sport’s future.

Pirelli is also committed to Formula 1’s environmental sustainability goals, which includes its pledge to be Net Zero carbon by 2030. The company collaborates with the FIA to develop new technologies that reduce CO2 emissions during the lifecycle of Formula 1 tire. In a tangible demonstration of Pirelli’s commitment to sustainability, starting in 2024, all tires used in FIA Formula One World Championship events will be FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). This certification assures traceability along the entire supply chain of materials derived from forests and ensures sustainable management. It is an important step to reduce the environmental impact of racing.

Pirelli’s Executive Vice Chairman, Marco Tronchetti Provera, expressed his delight at extending the partnership, highlighting the company’s historical connection with F1 and its dedication to innovation, technology, and sustainability.

“Innovation and technology are locked into Pirelli’s DNA, and Formula 1 constitutes the ultimate open air laboratory to not only try out and test new technical solutions, but also to accelerate fresh research, development, and production processes in making tyres. I would also like to thank everyone at Pirelli for their passionate commitment and the quality of their work over the years, which will continue as we extend this partnership together. Our commitment to sustainability is equally strong, as proved by the FSC certification that will be introduced to our F1 tyres from next year. Being at the forefront of motorsport’s pinnacle until at least 2027 adds another important value dimension to our company.” he said.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, President of the FIA, acknowledged Pirelli’s extensive experience in motorsport, stating, “Pirelli has been operating at the top level of motor sport for many years.” He expressed confidence in Pirelli’s ability to maintain their legacy of “delivering innovation and excellence on the world stage.” Recognizing the unique challenge that Formula 1 poses to tire suppliers, President Sulayem lauded Pirelli’s dedication, noting how they have consistently produced tires that “meet the extreme demands of these incredible cars.” Furthermore, he extended his appreciation to Pirelli for their unwavering support not only in Formula 1 but also in “many other championships and categories at every level.” Looking forward, President Sulayem emphasized that collaborative efforts between the FIA and Pirelli will persist, focusing on “further strides both in terms of performance and sustainability.” Pirelli’s steadfast commitment to these objectives reinforces their indispensable role in the world of motorsports.

In the words of Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula 1, “Since returning to the sport in 2011, Pirelli has been an invaluable partner, supporting Formula 1 through new generations of technology and technical regulations and delivering tyres to enable fantastic racing for our fans.” It’s undeniable that the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and their deep knowledge of our sport will be vital in the coming years. As we approach the new regulations in 2026, Pirelli’s dedication to sustainability, as “proven by the FSC certification,” will ensure that we continue to work together towards our shared Net Zero 2030 goal. This partnership isn’t just about tires; it’s a collaborative journey toward a more sustainable and exciting future for Formula 1.