Shell will provide IndyCar with 100% renewable fuels in 2023

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The blend of second-generation ethanol derived from sugarcane waste and other biofuels will enable 60% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil-based gasoline.

Penske Entertainment | Joe Skibinski

The open test at The Thermal Club saw the debut of the new 100% renewable fuel, produced by Shell, that will power all of the grid from 2023 onwards. NTT IndyCar series is the first US-based series to utilize it. Its mix between second-generation ethanol and biofuels will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60% compared to fossil-based fuels.

The second-generation ethanol is produced out of a Joint-Venture with Brazilian company Raízen, Brazil’s second-largest fuel distribution company. Ricardo Mussa, their CEO, declared: “It is an honor for Raízen to contribute advanced ethanol to this renewable race fuel and it’s an exciting introduction to one of the most iconic motorsport categories.”

Bassem Kheireddin, Shell technology manager of motorsports said: “Shell’s 100% Renewable Race Fuel powering all competing vehicles in the INDYCAR SERIES in 2023 contains a significant mix of second-generation ethanol combined with another renewable component to create the 100% renewable formulation that will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60 percent compared to fossil-based gasoline.

“We are very proud to bring it to the series, and it’s a step to decarbonize motorsport.

“It’s in Shell’s DNA to innovate, and we believe the racetrack is a proving ground from the high speeds, the high temperatures, the extreme conditions, and then we take those learnings to transfer them to our road-going products. Now, as far as what’s next for this particular fuel, that will depend on what the INDYCAR SERIES plans for the future. We will continue to innovate and work hand in hand with the engine manufacturers with whatever sustainability initiatives come along the way.

“We at Shell are very excited to see how this journey unfolded from taking fuel innovation from the lab to the dyno test to the track.”

Penske Entertainment | James Black

Penske Entertainment Corp. CEO Mark Miles said: “Motorsports has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology, and today INDYCAR is furthering this tradition in a very important and transformational way.”

“We are proud to become a leader in sustainability and decarbonization as we work towards becoming the first US motorsport series to run on renewable fuel. With industry-leading organizations like Shell and Penske sharing the same ambition for a cleaner energy future, remarkable progress can be made.”