Steiner: Haas F1 “don’t know how good” US GP upgrade will be, but “they know better days are ahead”

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In Singapore, Haas F1 Team landed both cars in Q3. Kevin Magnussen earned 10th place finish and a valuable point. Currently the team is sitting eighth in the Constructors’ championship, two points ahead of Alfa Romeo Racing.

What happened in the streets of Marina Bay marked a great result for Haas, which managed to successfully seize the opportunities when presented with them.

“We know our car and that we’re struggling at the moment in the race, everyone is well aware of this.” – commented Team Principal Gunther Steiner – “Always, the whole team tries to do their best, starting with the drivers, to the mechanics and engineers, squeezing everything out of what we’ve got.

“Then when the opportunity is there, we get a point or at least we get something from qualifying. If you look at our pit stops in the last races, they were pretty good. Hats off to the team as they keep their heads up and keep on pushing as they know better days are ahead.”

On how he personally manages the mixed emotions and feelings from one race weekend to the next after the disappointment of what happened at Suzuka, Steiner added:

“It’s very simple, just look forward and know what we are doing as a team. We’re working hard to get out of this hole and that’s what motivates me every day of the week. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t know we’re working hard and getting better to where we want to be and should be.”

Photo Credit: MoneyGram Haas F1 Team

Ahead of the second edition of the Qatar Grand Prix, a new challenge awaits the American team. The Lusail Circuit is known as a high-energy circuit, with sequences of medium and high-speed long-radius turns linked by full-throttle blasts. The long home straight should deliver overtaking on Saturday and Sunday, too.

Neither Kevin Magnussen nor Nico Hulkenberg have ever raced there in Formula 1 because, when the circuit hosted its sole Formula 1 event in 2021, it was Schumacher and Mazepin driving for the team.

Steiner was asked what his first impressions of the Lusail Circuit were in 2021 and what he most expects after some changes were made in the course of past two years, the team principal commented:

“In 2021, when we visited the first time, it was a ‘last-minute’ call I’d say. We were welcomed very much by everyone in Qatar and it was a good race. I remember the smaller garages but that was because they were built for motorbikes, but the facilities have all been upgraded and they look very good.

“There were some issues with the floor because of the kerbs I remember, but let’s see what has been done. The only thing that has me scratching my head is the temperatures, which are really high, in the forties. We’re racing at night though, so it should be okay.”

In conclusion, in anticipation of the upgrade package that will be introduced at the United States Grand Prix later this month that is leading a clear change in direction on design, Steiner gave an overview of the work that has been done until now and what are the challenges in introducing an upgrade this late in the season:

“The program is on-plan so everything should be done. Everyone in the team has done a good job in doing the planning for this – the purchasing department has worked day and night to get everything ordered in time, the design office worked and gave the drawings to the purchasing department – the company worked as it should.

“We don’t know how good the upgrade will be, we expect something good out of it, but the best thing is that we’re going in the direction we want to go next year and we will learn a lot this year for next season.”