Stroll reflects on Alonso’s contract extension with Aston Martin F1: “He’s super motivated and passionate”

Photo Credit: Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team
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Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll expressed optimism about his team’s future and his current focus on the upcoming Chinese Grand Prix, amidst the recent confirmation of his teammate’s contract extension.

Stroll conveyed his positive sentiments regarding the team dynamics, particularly praising Fernando Alonso’s continued passion and motivation for Formula 1. “I think it’s very good news for the team,” Stroll said, reflecting on the re-signing of his teammate. “He’s motivated. I think Fernando and Aston Martin have gelled really well.

“So yeah, I think it’s positive news,” he stated.

“Yeah, like I said, you know, he’s super motivated and passionate and yeah, it’s a great decision,” was Stroll’s response on getting asked whether he takes inspiration from his stablemate.

When probed about the possibility of racing at 45 in F1 like Alonso, Stroll maintained a focused perspective, emphasising a day-by-day approach to his career and life, “20 years from now. One day at a time,” he remarked.

Stroll highlighted Alonso’s enthusiasm and dedication as inspirational but was modest in his responses about the secret to Alonso’s longevity, suggesting, “I don’t know, man. You’ve got to ask him.”

He continued to praise Alonso’s passion and love for racing, which he sees as universal drivers for any sportsperson to continue in their field.

Discussing his focus and future, Stroll admitted to not having given it much thought beyond the immediate races.

“I haven’t give it [my future] much thought. I’m mainly thinking about China right now, this weekend,” he stated, distancing his thought process from long-term career planning to concentrate on the immediate challenges of the season.

“He’s [Alonso’s] doing his thing. And like I said, I’m just kind of focused on China right now. I haven’t given that much thought.”

Regarding the performance of the Aston Martin car, Stroll acknowledged the ups and downs of the current season. “We’re learning a lot about the car every weekend,” he noted, mentioning that the AMR24 feels very different compared to last year’s package and acknowledged a need for improvement.

Aston Martin started last year with 6 podiums in the first 8 races thanks to Alonso. This year their best result is P5 in Saudi Arabia with the Spaniard.

“We’re not as competitive as we were at the beginning of last year. Which we know, but we have some upgrades coming over the next few races, and hopefully, we can get into a position where we are more competitive.”

Stroll reflected on the fluctuating success in recent races, citing Melbourne as a high point contrasted with difficulties faced in Japan.

At Albert Park he outqualified his teammate and finished P6 following Alonso’s penalty. At Suzuka, he was absolutely nowhere as a Q1 elimination and P12 race finish saw plenty of criticism come his way.

“Japan was a really difficult weekend. I think we know a little bit why,” he explained.

The Aston Martin driver remains hopeful about demonstrating a stronger performance in China, a venue he has raced at 3 times previously.

“Hopefully we can have a much better weekend than we did in Japan.”