Verstappen on being booed: “It’s absolutely fine as long as I stand on the top and take the trophy”

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The two-time World Champion Max Verstappen secured himself another winning after a brilliant race in Miami.

Starting 9th due to an error while running in Q3, the Red Bull driver didn’t have time to improve as the session was stopped and not resumed following a red flag caused by Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc hitting the wall a couple of minutes from the end of the session.

Despite not having started in the front row, Verstappen managed to climb through the field, eventually passing his teammate Perez and gaining the first position.

But just before the start of the race and also on the podium while the Dutchman got his trophy, a choir of “boos” and some rather unpleasant words were heard from the grandstands.

In such a competitive environment as Formula 1 is well known to be, even the biggest of champions may not meet everyone’s liking. Between the praise and applause, negative comments often find their way through.

During the post-race press conference, it was asked to Verstappen what he thinks may be the reasons behind this kind of reaction from the public and whether or not this has an impact on him as a driver and as a person.

The Red Bull driver showed an attitude of detachment towards what people may think of him, underlining that the only thing that matters is to keep being at the top, as he stated:

“I think if I will be driving in the back nobody will be even doing anything in terms of reaction. Right? I think it’s normal when you’re winning and they don’t like who is winning.

“So this is something for me which is absolutely fine as long as I stand on the top, that’s for me the most important. I take the trophy home and they go back to their houses and they can have a nice evening.”

Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool