Albon says he has “never been in a fortunate enough position to be able to have talks so early” as he weighs up future F1 options

Photo Credit: Williams Racing
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Williams Racing team boss James Vowles has always maintained that Alex Albon is contracted to the team up to the end of 2025. However, Vowles is also vocal that he knows how important it is for him to show Albon that he can provide him with the kind of car he deserves. During the F1 Miami Grand Prix weekend, Albon was asked if it is it 100% clear that he will stay at Williams next season, The Thai driver paused before replying, “I won’t comment on it for now, but I’m still focused on this.”

There are surely many teams interested in getting Alex Albon driving for them in the not-too-distant future. Having scored 27 of Williams’ 28 points in 2023, the talent is clear for all to see. Even if Albon is tied to Williams in 2025, history has shown that contracts can always be navigated for the benefit of both parties.  

Ever since Nico Hülkenberg announced he would be moving to Audi, many onlookers have been waiting to see the impact that will be felt on the grid. Particularly, as Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris signing long term deals shows that seats are getting filled with the future in mind.  

As a result of this, Albon was asked in Miami as to whether it is 100% clear that he will stay with Williams next season. After a noticeable pause, Albon responded.

“I won’t comment on it for now, but I’m still focused on this. Everything’s moving early, everything’s moving very quickly. Obviously, Nico’s just pulled somewhat of a trigger, and I’m sure the second one’s going to follow soon,” said Albon.

“And everything, including my focus on where I go, not so much for next year, but the year after, and focusing on that side of things. Now, these next couple of weeks, I’m aware of the decisions, I think the whole grid’s going to be finalised.”

The ‘silly season’ of driver movement has certainly started earlier than in previous years and that is certainly due in part to the 2026 reset heading the way of the regulations. Albon, is aware that he is in demand and his moment in the spotlight is not lost on him.

“Truthfully, I’ve never been in a fortunate enough position to be able to have talks so early,” admitted Albon. “It’s new for everyone, not just myself. There’s a bit more work. You see a lot more managers walking around the paddock at this time of the year.”

Unsurprisingly, Albon was then asked as to whether his manager, Jacques Heckstall-Smith, has been busy and as luck would have it, Albon said “It’s actually the first time he’s come out this year. He’s been okay. Jacques has been okay.

Discussion then moved on as to whether it matters if a driver is with the same team for 2025 and 2026.

“No, not so much,” claimed Albon, “I think it’s more just the gelling of the team. That’s why teams like that. The 2025-2026 is a nice way to kind of understand how the team have conceptually designed their car. Then, when you go to 2026, there’s going to be such a huge difference to the cars.

“It’s nice to know kind of where the DNA of the car is. It’s important just the feedback and the understanding, the language, the communication. That’s why teams are so focused on this 2025-2026 transition. Is it make or break? No, it’s not.”

Seeing how James Vowles has made clear that it’s important Williams Racing can show Albon they have a good car. Albon was asked if he trusts that the team can provide the next step that he is looking for.

“It’s true that we haven’t started the year where we wanted to,” said Albon. “It’s been tough for us as a team. We’ve not had the pace and we’ve been a bit delayed on our updates and upgrades.”

Albon then continued by reflecting on what progress has been taking place.

“I do believe the team is strong and healthy. I feel like there is definitely going to be improvement. It’s always nice if it happens now, but James is the right person for the job. There is definite progress. Can you see that in the background something is happening? Things are getting better? For sure. It’s more just the timing of it.”

Time is not on Williams’ side if they hope to keep Albon within their ranks long term but first they need to ensure that they can retain him – as planned – for next year.